Big Bags


Big Bags are strong and flexible polypropylene bags, which are designed to transport and store large quantities of bulk cargo – construction materials, fertilizers, mineral, chemical, agricultural and food products, including paper and plastic waste, etc.

They are extremely profitable – with a low expense per unit of product, greatly facilitating loading and unloading services. They are convenient for lifting and carrying by all types of lifting machines.

Big Bags have a capacity of more 1000 times of their own weight and are made of high quality polypropylene material, as well as recyclable materials, which are an alternative solution for the protection of the environment. Their load capacity varies from 300 to 1250 kg.

„SКM GROUP”  JSC offers a wide variety of Big Bags in different sizes:

According to the grip:

  • single point
  • two-point
  • four-point
  • Cue Bags

According to the method of filling:

  • open top
  • with apron
  • with inlet nozzle

According to the method of emptying:

  • with closed bottom
  • with outlet nozzle
  • with outlet nozzle and bottom cover

The company guarantees excellent quality and price of the industrial packaging, express terms of execution and professional manufacture of the orders, printing of branding at the request of the client, special offers, etc.