MCV-22 Advisory


MCV-22 Advisory is a risk management company that offers one of the best in the Balkans region consulting services. We provide customized business intelligence and mitigate potential company’s vulnerabilities thus supporting SKM Group JSC to manage:

  • New Market Entry
    • the real risks to a proposed investment 
    • the most powerful established local players and their networks
    • the geopolitical and regulatory risks
  • Extended Due Diligence
  • Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement
  • Political Risk Mitigation
    • reasons for delays, unforeseen costs, and problems with local and national authorities
    • difficulties in obtaining critical licenses and permits
    • international scrutiny and difficulties in raising finance


MCV-22 Advisory delivers customized consultancy for SKM Group JSC, thus mapping SKM’s business initiatives abroad in politically challenging environments, including those where opaque governments and systemic corruption present significant operational challenges.